Sep 302015

Never been to the Philly Zombie Prom?! Check out this clip back in 2011, when the Travel Channel tossed a national spotlight on the Philly Zombie Prom and Philly Zombies!! It was Ghoulishly Good Fun!

Then get you tickets SOON – do not miss out… avail at The Trocadero box office or online


Sep 302015


While the city stumbles out of the Pope Haze – we turn our undead attention to the next big thing – HALLOWEEN! And thanks to the Pope’s visit, our annual gathering was bumped until Saturday October 24 – ONE WEEK before the Big Day. Consider the Philly Zombie Prom your chance to ‘test-run’ your Halloween costume as we once again take over the hallowed hall of the historic Trocadero Theater in Chinatown, complete with our Philly Zombie Artists – helping zombify your face (tho’ you are encouraged to show up ready to go!) .. live performances from Live Not On Evil and The Young Werewolves – plus DJ sets from DJ Kiltboy and Mighty Mike Saga!

Complete details can be found on our Philly Zombie Prom page – just click here

Jun 102015

Robert Drake here … and the rumors are true … I am planning THE ultimate celebration of the 40th anniversary release of The Rocky Horror Picture Show … complete with pre-game event at Tattooed Mom, followed by All Revved Up – Meat Loaf Tribute Band live on stage and capped off with a midnight screening at the place where it all began (for Philly at least) – the historic TLA on South Street Headhouse District – complete with an impeccable shadowcast performance by Transylvanian Nipple Productions – Philly’s Own Rocky Horror Cast .. save the date: SATURDAY AUGUST 15!!

Complete details below the flyer! 


The Rocky Horror Picture Show opened on movie screens in the U.K. on August 14, 1975 and the following month here in the U.S., premiering at the UA Westwood in Los Angeles. Sadly, the film was withdrawn from its eight opening cities due to very small audiences, and its planned New York City opening on Halloween night ’75 was cancelled. However, with Pink Flamingos and Reefer Madness making money in midnight showings nationwide, Fox executive Tim Deegan was able to talk distributors into midnight screenings, starting in New York City on April Fools’ Day of 1976 at the Waverly Theater. Soon after Philly’s Theatre of Living Arts began screening the film at midnight – and quickly became one of several cities around the country to also feature a live fan cast (known now as a shawdowcast).

Forty years have passed and this summer Philadelphia recognizes the cultural phenom that was and still is the RHPS! Join us Saturday, August 15, 2015 as Philly embraces the OTHER Rocky along its historic South Street.

We felt it important to designate locations where RHPS fans can start the night – in full costume – without feeling out of place! The evening begins with a pre-game event at Tattooed Mom (530 South Street, 6PM) Come dressed in Rocky Horror garb for a chance to win in the pre-show costume contest. Do a bit of a mind flip with a Rocky Horror trivia contest, the Virgin Olympics, Pin the Cock on Rocky, Pin the Breasts on Janet Weiss, Rocky Horror crafts, caricatures and Rocky Horror art by Mikey Horror and a cast of strange creatures from Creatures of the Night!

Doors will open to the TLA at 9pm (21+) as we present the Philadelphia debut of what is easily THE ultimate Meat Loaf Tribute show, performed over-the-top by NY’s All Revved Up Meatloaf Tribute Band!

Following that – we’ll award prizes to those attending in our Rocky Horror Costume Contest – then the stellar crew of TNP – Philly’s Own Rocky Horror Cast will warm up the audience and get everyone in rare form for the MIDNIGHT SCREENING OF THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW!

The crew of TNP will have RHPS Prop Bags for sale at the venue (up til midnight) for just two bucks a bag – or you can bring your own props – just remember, the following items are NOT allowed at the event:

* Rice: it is very slippery and can easily cause you and/or cast members to fall.
* Hotdogs/Prunes: no one wants to get hit with these, it’s just gross. They also cause a slipping hazard.
* Lighters/Candles: no open flames of any kind! It’s just safer this way. Feel free to use flashlights or glow sticks.
* Water guns: there is a lot of expensive electric equipment everywhere and we don’t want anything damaged. This is also a slip hazard.

The pre-game event at Tmoms is free to enter (21+ with ID) and tickets to the TLA are just $20 each.

There is a $2 fee when you purchase at the TLA Box Office window – or you can go for broke and get them online ($9 in fees, thanks Ticketmaster) … The TLA Box Office is at 334 South Street and open Noon-6pm daily (‘cept Sundays) and later on show nights.

For tickets online:


Complete details can also be found at

Tickets are just $20 each – there is a $2 fee when you purchase at the TLA Box Office window – or you can go for broke and get them online ($9 in fees, thanks Ticketmaster) … The TLA Box Office is at 334 South Street and open Noon-6pm daily (‘cept Sundays) and later on show nights.

For tickets online:


Feb 042015



From the creators of The Philly Zombie Prom comes the next wave in the celebration of the dark side! The call has been made for monsters from all corners of the Greater Philadelphia area and beyond to gather together for a night to showcase your beauty, your horror and your ability to socialize with other monsters!

It’s the inaugural Philadelphia Monster Ball where we encourage folks to come dressed as the monster from their dreams! Come as a monster we all know and love – or channel your inner-Frankenstein and come as your own creation.

When you enter The Trocadero stop by Monster Central to register for a chance to be one of the semi-finalists to take the stage and show the monster inside you. Not only will we have a panel of celebrity judges awarding prizes to the best monsters of the Ball, we’ll also be awarding Audience Favorites! (registration is free and open until 9:45pm)

Once inside enjoy the haunting mix from your host DJ Robert Drake and then get ready for a rare once-in-a-year gathering of The Monster Orchestra!

Led by the haunting sounds of The Divine Hand Ensemble Musical Director and Thereminist Mano Divina, The Monster Orchestra consists of The Divine Hand Ensemble and some incredible special guests – creating a live show that will both mesmerize and ignite bouts of joy (proving that monsters have a heart!)

Around 10pm the semi-finalists will be announced and called up to the historic stage at The Trocadero – where they can showcase their creations to everyone under the glorious stage lights! Celebrity judges will announce who are the Best Monsters of the Ball … additionally, the audience will roar/groan/moan with enthusiasm for their favorites and we’ll award Monster’s Favorite to that creation.

The Philadelphia Monster Ball is the unique alternative to those traditional Valentine Day dinners and dates .. and the PERFECT plan for those anti-Valentine folks just looking for something fun to do that night!


– get them in person at The Troc Box Office or online:

Sep 202014

10189362726_8e2ec76b36_zExcitement is building as Philadelphia counts down the final days until the Zombies of the region rise once again – – this time in all their undead glory!

This Saturday, September 27 is the 2014 Philly Zombie Prom at The Trocadero … the official kick-off of the Halloween season in Philadelphia!! Since 2007 Zombies have proven that it doesn’t take brains to dress up and have a night of fun!

Doors open at 8pm (21+ with ID – no ID makes for a sad zombie) … with DJs Kiltboy and Dave Ghoul on the main floor while DJ Mike Saga transforms the Balcony Bar with his eclectic mix!

Our Zombarazzi photographer SPARK will be snapping Zombie Prom Photos in the lobby from 8-9:30pm … and the prom backdrop will be up through the night in case you want to take your own zelfies – be sure to tag everything #phillyzombieprom when you share your pictures on social media.

Our Philly Zombie Prom make-up artists will be on hand until 11pm (or later, if demand is there) … so, if you’d rather zombify your face once you arrive – they will happily take care of your undead needs. A basic zombie face is $10 … and artists offer more for more – so just ask!  The artists keep 100% of the fee charged.

Taking the stage at 10pm will be LIVE NOT ON EVIL … followed at 11pm by THE YOUNG WEREWOLVES! We’ll be secretly working the room throughout the night in search of the perfect King and Queen … so if you want to be considered – be in house by 10pm … at 11pm we’ll introduce you to the 2014 Philly Zombie Prom King & Queen!!

So – Dress up or dress down – but dress to undead impress … and join us as the zombies take over Chinatown – THIS SATURDAY!!

~ ~ ~

Advance tickets are just $10 at The Troc Box Office window, open 11:30am-6pm. Prom tickets can also be purchased at the box office during all main stage events; there’s no limit to the number of tickets one can purchase at a time. You can also purchase tickets online (Ticketfly processing fees apply).

A limited number of tickets will be available the night of the Zombie Prom: $15 per ticket.

*note: there is an additional $1 venue maintenance fee on all tickets, this buck goes to support the general care of the historic Trocadero Theatre. 

Jul 292014

The 2013 Philly Zombie Prom King & Queen!  photo by Barry Matt Hunsberger
As we do each year at the Philly Zombie Prom, we’ll crown the Zombie King and Queen of Philadelphia and award them each a Zombie Prom Prize Pack, full of concert tickets, music and more! If you have a zombie-related item that you’d like to donate for the Prom Prize Pack in exchange for some sweet undead viral marketing of your product via our various 2.0 veins, simply complete this form and our Zombie MC Robert Drake will be in touch shortly!


(pictured are the 2013 Philly Zombie Prom King & Queen
– photo by Barry Matt Hunsberger)

Jul 292014


While the city stumbles through another summer of hazy, hot and humid weather – we turn our undead attention to the final weekend in September. That’s when we put out the call for all zombies to join us for our annual Philly Zombie Prom – the official kick-off of the Halloween season in Philadelphia! We’ll once again take over the hallowed hall of  the historic Trocadero Theater in Chinatown, complete with our Philly Zombie Artists – helping zombify your face (tho’ you are welcome to show up ready to go!) .. live performances from Live Not On Evil and The Young Werewolves – plus DJ sets from Dave Ghoul, Kiltboy and Mighty Mike Saga!

Complete details can be found on our Philly Zombie Prom page – just click here

Apr 152014


We hear the cries of the undead – and we know that you ready for THE 9TH ANNUAL PHILLY ZOMBIE CRAWL!! If you’ve not done so yet, click thru and RSVP  to our Facebook Event Page, so you can help spread the undead love!

One new element to this year’s Philly Zombie Crawl is the introduction of the PHILLY ZOMBIE EMPORIUM – a truly unique gathering of local artisans who embrace the undead and macabre.

As in years’ past, the TLA opens at 6pm with our army of Zombie Makeup Artists creating their best zombie faces in the TLA balcony. At the same time the Philly Zombie Emporium will be open on the main floor of the TLA – so you can browse and hopefully find the perfect item to warm that cold undead heart!

2014 Philly Zombie Crawl Map

At 8pm we’ll  leave the TLA to crawl up South Street to 6th – then return back down towards 3rd; on the way back down, zombies will be encouraged to stop at any and all the participating zombie watering holes along the Street. Here’s a list of the participating bars and their undead specials during the Philly Zombie Crawl!

  • TLA: $5 PBR and $5 Blood On The Rocks (vodka, cranberry, raspberry liquor) all night long.
  • Tattooed Mom: Half-off all drafts from 5-7pm and again from 10-11pm … plus a mix of zombie punk and metal as a soundtrack to brain seeking partiers.
  • Manny Browns: $2.75 Miller Life & Lager pints all night along with a special zombie shot plus zombie movies on the screens all night long.
  • Lickety Split: $3 Brain Eater Shots all night long along with a request-friendly DJ.
  • Copabanana: $5 nachos, $3 Budwiesers & $5 Jameson all night plus ‘Dawn Of The Dead (2004)’ on the TV!
  • Redwood: $3 Kenzinger, $5 Jameson and $6 steak skewers / Walking Dead 1st Season screening
  • The Legendary Dobbs: drink specials and live zombie music and burlesque all night.

The Zombie Makeup Artists and Philly Zombie Emporium will remain open – so zombies can come/go throughout the night. Wherever you wander, hear the undead call and join us at 10pm as zombies will return to the TLA for the Philly Zombie Crawl Closing Party. Around 10:30pm we’ll award prizes to some of the best zombies of the evening as DJ Kiltboy and Dave Ghoul will spin their best dark, foot-stomping sounds into the wee hours.

*just $5 to enter the TLA – get your wristband at the TLA box office anytime Easter Sunday night – stop in early – check out the Philly Zombie Emporium and come back later for the Closing Party … your wristband will get you in/out privileges to the TLA all night.. (21+ with ID)


Oct 102013

My my my … what a GORE-geous  group of undead boils and ghouls you are …

Click below to visit our 2013 Philly Zombie Prom photo gallery!

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