It was a cold day in the winter of 2006 when a few regulars sat around the bar at Tattooed Mom one Sunday afternoon discussing their love for horror, zombies and such. That conversation quickly morphed into the odd reality that one could suppose Jesus was the ultimate zombie, having risen from the dead (tho we don’t know if he was searching for brains – we’ll chalk that up to ‘creative writing’). Thus began the birth of the idea of throwing a big Zombie Party on Easter – in celebration of the world’s most-famous Zombie on His big day!

After a few days to let that idea settle in – and to let us sober up – we decided why limit the love just at one spot, let’s do a Zombie Bar Crawl! After an hour or so online we quickly realized that only a few zombie bar crawls had happened worldwide and only one in America – the zombie pub crawl in Minneapolis, which had its debut just months earlier in October 2005.

So, we set out to create the Philly Zombie Crawl along South Street and quickly gathered area bars/nightspots to join in – creating a night of bar-hopping, undead madness. And, in true Philly spirit, we claimed the “first” flag by being the FIRST Zombie Crawl worldwide to happen on Easter Sunday.

That first Crawl we were all amazed that over 120 zombies showed up to participate in the night’s festivities, so much so that we quickly declared the Crawl an annual event and started working on next year’s event.

Year after year the Zombie Crazombieflyerwl grew – from 100+ to 600+ zombies invading the South Street area – we continued to stretch out and take over locations like the TLA to handle the undead masses. We heard the undead cries begging for more – and created the annual Philly Zombie Prom at the Trocadero every fall … and, for a few years, even had the Zombie Beach Party, also at the Troc, to kick off summer!

As pop culture caught up and embraced the zombie movement, it got to the point that everyone and their grandmother was dressed up as zombies for some event or another!

Slowly we’ve seen things begin to quiet down – still strong, but nowhere near those golden years of Undead Unbridled Madness!

Since last Easter however, things have changed – not so much with us, but with South Street. We lost two of our most loyal watering holes (Dobbs and Lickety Split) and our zombie liaison within the District office.

So – instead of trying to create a half-assed Crawl to just wither on the vine … we’ve decided, now that we’re entering our second decade of zombie love, to return to our roots!

Join us Easter Sunday, March 27 at our original home for zombies all year long – Tattooed Mom (530 South Street) as we launch the Philly Zombie Party!

We’ll have makeup artists on hand for those who want to leave the painting to the professionals – plus both floors will be open starting 4pm with zombie drink/food specials all night – and we’ll be awarding prizes to some of the most creative zombies of the night … we’ll award two rounds of prizes: one at 6pm (for the early birds) and one at 10pm! Remember, those under 21 area allowed into T’Moms until 6pm – as long as they are accompanied by someone 21+.

We look forward to continuing the undead celebration this Easter — and we hope you’ll join us!

OH, one more thing…